You can access the ZD Box from an assigned IP-adress on the back side of the box by using any mobile device. With the operator-friendly designed user interface (GUI) you can control all functions e.g. choosing the appropriate vehicle model and testing all its functions (Istgang, Sollgang, Oil pressure etc).

The ZD Box offers remote access, so that the software can be controlled remotely via the internet. That has the advantage that several users can simultaneously access the ZD Box and perform vehicle function tests.

New developed features such as our OCR-Technology based Texttool Review Tool (TRT) enables an automated text error recognition within the menu structure, the SDS-Speech Dialog System and the Input System.
At the indivisual customer`s request additional features can always be extended.

• No Softwareinstallation

• License independent

• Individual Userinterface

   • Remote-access (http, FTP) via browser mobile device

   • Flexible, as a mobile station or as computer

   • Supports BAP-ECU/ CAN Signal Simulations

   • Interface for Testautomation available

   • Realtime tracing und Traceanalysis (CAN/BAP), Ethernet, Serial Traces

   • Signal Copy→ Reproduction of ECU State from live CAN Communication (also for real vehicles)

   • Extension of functionalities on demand any time:

   Texttool Review Tool (TRT), Speech Dialogue System (SDS), Input System and more

ZD box can achieve RTM simulation. Through zd-box,we can set up the simulation power, driving range, driving force and other information and restore the real vehicle environment, export the real data. Thus helping the car improve the RTM test.