Introduction of Embedded Software Testing

Our testing team is made up of rich-experienced software engineers with the purpose to offer professional software testing solutions for all automobile organizations. In order to adapt to the international market needs, our team keeps recruiting qualified talents with various language abilities, including English, German, Korean and Cantonese etc. By inheriting the cautious and pragmatic German-originated work style and ensuring high quality and effectiveness in completing each task, we are able to avoid related risks of software development as well as largely reduce the cost and R&D cycle of software development for automobile enterprises. By importing the Germany Headquater's key testing technology and constantly learning from German professional software testing engineers, our team has grabbed the international mainstream vehicle software testing key technologies. We are now able to offer automobile enterprises professional, reliable and stable testing tasks based on our rich German-vehicle testing experience and cases.

HMI (Human Machine Interaction) test is mainly focused on transition among different functional interfaces of the in-vehicle Infotainment system and the accuracy of Asian language description. From the customer's point of view, to test the accuracy, comfort and reliability of the human machine interfaces to make the system more user friendly and in line with the use habit of Asian customers.

By utilizing CANoe software we simulate the signals of inner vehicle CAN-BUS and MOST communication loop circuit. We comprehensively make use of professional software kit including VAS, iDEX,Atan, GNlogger, DiagnoseUI, etc. to diagnose the ECUs of vehicle respectively and to perform real-time monitoring of Trace as well as HMI & textool test.

Testing all media parts of an in-vehicle infotainment system, includes several different media sources, like Jukebox, Int. Drive, DVD Changer, SD/USB store device, MTP device, iPod, Aux in, Bluetooth player, WLAN connect. For these media sources we perform not only test basic functions but also some interaction and more complex action tests, from customer's point of view.

Online tests mainly focuses on the Multi-Media Infotainment system (MMI) online connection function; After sending a part of vehicle information to a third party server via data connection and online client, the third party server will return the required services to MMI. The function achievement and remote HMI display during this process will be tested.

SDS stands for Speech Dialogue System and is based on different language habits of Asian countries and verified with multiple languages. Users can easily operate a variety of functions via voice control. Thus the driving safety can be improved and user experience enhanced.

System Tests mainly contain software unit testing, sound effect updating management, in-vehicle infotainment system′s multiple languages switch management, vehicle operational safety and the system performance management.

Mainly responsible for testing communication between Instrument cluster and main unit and GUI interface in instrument cluster. Together with the tools BAPviewer, CANoe, OptoLyzer, etc. the signals are being checked and simulated.

Telephone test is mainly focused on phone and data connection testing, including dial and receive call testing, conference call testing, Bluetooth profile, telephone settings, data connection and the download of phone book testing.

IOP is also known as interoperability. Interoperability testing enables to verify that the devices are properly connected to verify the compatibility of the tested devices with the devices of different manufacturers. Good interoperability between products is the ultimate goal of certification testing. Interoperability testing is currently the most direct and effective way to ensure interoperability. Interoperability between products is the ultimate goal of certification testing. Interoperability testing is currently the most direct and effective solution to ensure interoperability of products
The IOP testing team at ZD offers a variety of development and testing services related to IOP projects, including mobile phone and vehicle connection Testing services, testing of various problems in transmission processes between Mobile phone and vehicle of different brands or manufacturers as well as the investigation and identification of problems for subsequent optimization. For IOP tests, the mobile phone and the vehicle are connected via Bluetooth communication protocols HFP, AD2P, PBAP and SAP. By developing a wide range of Bluetooth protocols and application services to further optimize car entertainment systems and mobile communications, users can experience a more accurate and comfortable user experiences.