Car2X Intelligent interactive solution

With the continuous development of science and technology, the automobile is gradually becoming intelligent. Car2X is the first step in achieving this goal by making the automotive age intelligent by enabling the connection between cars and cars, cars and pedestrians, people and society, and driving without human intervention. Car2X is the first step in achieving this goal.
The Car2X project serves the software development and the setup of a test environment as well as the development of automated test systems.

In the area of mobile applications, we pursue "focus on technology" as guiding value to offer customers solutions and provide first-hand services ranging from system architecture to its development and implementation. Through a functional requirement analysis of the Car2X project, the product manager manufactures one technical drawing and the designer designs a detailed design for the UI style and the interaction with the key pages. In addition, according to the functional request APP prototypes are developed. We develop software based on the requirements document on the platforms iOS and Android. Afterwards the APP will be tested and interaction problems as well as associated solutions will be determined.

The Car2X project team writes a test case for the newly developed Car2X APP to ensure that all features are covered. According to the test cases, the functions of the apps are tested to ensure that the functions can be properly applied. In addition, HMI and GUI tests are performed to provide a convenient user interface. The texts of the APP are examined to ensure that the text and the sentence are correct. By a large number of tests on some interfaces through automated scripts, system stability is ensured. Besides there are additional tests for the login interface, user login, login time length etc.

By means of the signal simulation by the ZD Box, functional tests can be carried out on vehicle-related projects of Car2X. Such as checking the vehicle status (doors, windows, tank contents, range, total distance traveled, etc.), remote unlocking / unlocking the door, remote control, mobile phone display, vehicle location, stolen vehicle location, remote charging, remote controlled air conditioning, remote display of vehicle driving records, display of vehicle maintenance information, automatic reservation of vehicle maintenance and much more.

Through the development and testing of Car2X system functions, we strive for the connection between people and vehicles, vehicles and community to maximize and improve the usability.