Introduction of Project Management

Our PM team provides entire project management solutions for top vehicle manufacturers like Porsche, Bently & Audi. Our project-experienced team already worked together with German and Japanese Automotive OEMs, and is qualified for the PMP certification of the world's famous group PMI. Moreover our team members are fluent in English & Asian languages. We know the Asian local markets, like Chinese Mainland, Taiwan, Japan and Korea. Our team is focusing on the important milestones and SOPs to ensure the success of the whole project.

It is our aim to coordinate the scope of services with the related schedules and costs. This allows us to achieve a qualitative and quantitative maximizing efficiency as well as a minimizing consumption of the valuable resources: time and money. A well sophisticated project management is essential for our hardware and software development processes. We plan and define milestones for our projects and stick to punctuality by periodical project monitoring.

In case of schedule changes through postponement or extension of a project we redefine the management measures and co-ordinate the schedule with other current projects, which has not yet been started. Closely connected to the punctuality are cost and finance planning which are adjusted to changes of the project plan. With monthly project reports and a weekly meeting about the current schedule we can sovereign adapt to changes of the timetable, deliveries etc. and can safely achieve the project objective.