Introduction of Software Development

Our software development team provides a full range of IT services to a variety of industries. Through software development, we strive to help companies grow and provide flexible and industry-specific solutions for business software development, manufacturing, retail and service industries. Through years of experience, ZD has established solution concepts for software development for unique business processes and operational requirements. By using our software development solutions, business growth can be guaranteed and efficiency increased. Strong software development solutions enable companies to use their resources to ensure that businesses focus on their business development.

ZD has created an integrated management platform called "EE-portal" for its automotive customers. This platform was developed primarily for the automotive customer assistance system. The EE portal connects HR processes to the business, providing integrated enterprise management solutions and collaborative enterprise management, enabling all departments to dynamically exchange data and simplify business management.

● Time Table: At the beginning of each month, employees in the function interface enter the working hours and the leave days of last month. After the transmission the management informs you by e-mail about the corresponding approval or disapproval.

● Leave Plan: If an employee needs a vacation, you can submit your own vacation plan in advance. EE, all employees can view the absence plan and approval on the schedule.

● Contact: Manage all contacts

● Car: The vehicle online function can be used to determine the vehicle model, its availability at a specific time and the need for a driver.

● Test Report: The testers put their own test time on a platform, which is presented to the responsible team leader in the form of a report. The time spent by each employee on each platform is conveniently displayed statistically

● Setting: The user can change the login password through this function

● System: This feature is used to manage the entire online platform, including user management, role management, user role management, SOP status management.

● New User: Creation of a new user account

● Deactivate User: User account of a former employee already closed

ERP from ZD can get the most out of your business. ERP is the first collaborative solution developed by ZD that connects the entire organization and brings it closer to the world.
ERP Ensures that people communicate more effectively and engage in business dialogue, ultimately gaining benefits and growth.
ERP allows users to focus on the business rather than running the software. ERP provides real-time information, more accurate, more transparent, and therefore more powerful.

Focused on technology we offer our customers serial services starting from solution draft, system set-up planning, development implementing to launching arrangement. App development is an accurate engineering project, and our service categories are segmented in details as well. Before starting a project, we arrange face-to-face demand analysis and technical consulting to ensure that we meet the specific needs of our customers.

The product manager will set up the system diagram while the designer will design specifically for UI style and key page interactive mode, Moreover the App logic prototype will be made out according to the customers’ needs. In the middle of the project, we will develop a software on IOS and Android platform based on the demand files. For the later stage, the developer accounts would be applied for customers and program codes would be packed and uploaded.

ZD provides excellent auto internet and auto terminal software products, as well as the integrated solution service platform for auto internet, auto software and mobile internet products. Nearly a hundred of auto-related softwares have been developed with our participation, such as intelligent navigation software, interior lighting control software, radio song identification software, coach on demand software.

Intelligent Navigation aims for helping the user to be aware of the overall situation of the preset destination. By proactively searching the destination's weather condition, population, traffic, parking vacancy, quantity of electric vehicle charging stations and opening time of the local stores, the system will automatically suggest the user whether the place is suitable to visit and give better recommendations. All these will enable a better travel experience.

Interior Lighting Control is a software that enables the control of the in vehicle lighting atmosphere. It can let the user choose the color and the brightness of the overall vehicle lighting through direct visual display. The regulating switch covers 22 color ranges and 256 brightness levels, which enables the user to create self-defined lighting combinations of the vehicle door, SZM, front seats and transmission respectively. Moreover the user can connect his smart phone to this software and choose between different lighting colors.

Radio Song Identification aims for helping the user to identify the music. For example, the user may come cross an unknown song that he/she likes during the driving. At this moment, the user can just press the specific button and the system will help identifying a list of related informations about the song, including name, singer, album and so on. Moreover the user can save the song for future use.

Coach on Demand aims for assisting the new user to get familiar with each function of the vehicle. It can motivate the user's driving interest through the well build interaction and the incentive mechanisms. This application can help the user diagnose potential vehicle problems when in case of emergencies. Besides, it offers the real-time condition, location information of the vehicle and maintenance reminders as well as corresponding vehicle dealer options to the user to solve the problems. Another function of this application is that the user can join the vehicle community sharing stories, experiences and ranking themselves with each other to improve their driving behavior.