Company Update

●  ZD and LEOPAARD work together on the development and maintenance of complete solutions for Test Automation Systems (Infotainment, advanced services etc.) of vehicles.

Building a Bridge of Cooperation between China and Germany

The third Bayerischer China Tag held in Ingolstadt at the Audi museum on 17th of October,2017. The theme is “Start Up in China and German”
Mr. Zhou Qiang, founder and CEO of ZD automotive, was invited by the Organizing Committee to deliver a speech entitled "Building a Bridge of Cooperation between China and Germany".
First, he briefly introduced the company, the background of the company`s foundation, the development of the milestones as well as solutions, services and products. Then he talked about China as the second target market and about the difficulties that SMEs have to face when they decide to settle in China. Finally, he introduced briefly in how far ZD want to act as a bridge for ZD customers.
We see ZD as an innovation-oriented development and research company offering products, solutions and services in the field of digitization and driver assistance systems. With a strong focus on the needs of our customers, we offer customized "all round solutions" for European/German customers as well as for the Asian/Chinese market.
Due to the constant striving for far-reaching cooperation, it is our main concern to act as a bridge between Germany and China and to facilitate German companies ' the entry into the Chinese market and to make German technology and high-quality products available to Chinese companies as well.
China is now considered to be the most important sales market for all car manufacturers. 2016 more than 24 million vehicles were sold, which reveals a rise of 15% as against the previous year. According to a statistic from 2016, one quarter of the vehicles sold worldwide is located in China.
The number of German vehicles in China is steadily increasing. 2016 4.51 million German vehicles occupy the Chinese market, which is equivalent to almost 20% of the market share.
Electric vehicles also experience a rapid development in the Chinese market. For example, in 2016 a total of 500 thousand electric vehicles were sold, and according to a forecast, in 2017 about 1 million more electric vehicles are going to be sold, which corresponds to an increase of more than 80%.
Unfortunately, German OEMs are not represented among the top 10 electric vehicles in China. The front ranks include Chinese car manufacturers and Tesla in the penultimate place. For the growth of NEVS German car manufacturers there is still upside potential.
Let`s take a look at another example: The Mobile Payment. The payment via smartphone has experienced a very rapid development over the last 2 years and has a market share of more than 55% in China. Nowadays, almost everyone in China is not paying in cash. The mobile phone is the number-one payment method. It's super easy, convenient and saves a lot of time, which is very important in China.
In contrast only 2% of the population in Germany use mobile payment, which represents a clear contrast to China.
Based on these examples, it becomes clear that new technologies, or let`s call it business cases, are implemented much faster. Be it mobile payment, car sharing, bike sharing, etc.
Especially in the field of digitization there is an extremely short development cycle from the creation of an idea to the product appearance and marketing. There is a strong dynamic growth in China as well as numerous potentials and opportunities due to the diverse needs of Chinese customers. A rapid adaptability of customers to new technologies demands a certain openness for new technologies of all kinds.
But why is that so? Why is there this openness for new technologies in China? To answer this question you have to know that the potential of digitization is seen overwhelmingly positive in China. Digitalization is expected to deliver huge benefits which make life easier and less complicated. One important and decisive factor is time saving.
As far as mobile payment is concerned, data protection is not a real issue in China, instead, cash/credit card is considered inconvenient and unsafe. Moreover Chinese people do not like to wait in line for a long time. Therefore ordering in the restaurant is possible via barcode scan at the table.
Another service used in China is the smartphone based app "Didi" with over 100 million users from 300 cities. This makes it easy to determine the reciprocal GPS position of the driver and the user and thus saves long waiting times. With the help of the app, drivers and passengers can evaluate each other, which makes passenger`s choice for a suitable driver easier. The application of this app provides a special usage experience.
The following difficulties could arise when an SME decides to open a location in China
● Limited Budget & resources- Basically no mistakes allowed
● Complicated and time consuming start-up process-as we have experienced back then
● Lack of relations to important people
● Cultural differences & differences in legislation
● Lack of knowledge of distinctive factors of the Chinese market
● Differing understanding of customer requirements
● Communication difficulties, not only because of language but also because of the different way of thinking
● Wrong location selection
● Differences in legal systems (labour, taxes, patent, etc.)
Can such risks be avoided at all? No! But we can minimize them. Before you completely get to know the market, you will have to find a local partner. At this point I'm going to do a little self-promotion. If you are looking for a partner who is familiar with both the German and Chinese market, just as we did in 2012, we would like to support you as a reliable business partner and technical consultant. We would like to offer you:
● A wide network of International business partners & Suppliers
● Mediation of business partners to expand your own network promoting cooperations
● A wide range of high-quality products & Solutions
● individual adaptation of products and services to customer needs
● On-site service, Know-how and professional project management
Having talked so much about the Chinese market, it is of course not my intention to promote the escape from Germany. On the contrary, I would like to highlight again the advantages and main reasons for the selection of Germany as a target market:
● Germany has stable labour market
● leading economy in EU-zone & Secure investment environment
● high productivity
● excellent skilled workers
● strong innovative power
● excellent infrastructure
● offers first-class quality of life
● has a distinctive and stable base in the Automotive industry
● excellent development processes
With the establishment of our own corporate headquarters, we pursue the goal of further intensifying cooperations between Germany and China. I am convinced that, through cooperation and exchange in digitization, Germany will again convince us with progress through technology in the future.

Innovation driven testing technology


As the core technology master of vehicle infotainment system, ZD automotive has been committed to the development and testing of infotainment systems.
ZD German infotainment system testing technology has been widely used in the German first-tier automobile enterprise, such as Porsche, Bentley, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Audi and other top high-end automobile enterprise. In order to better serve the domestic automobile enterprise, senior engineer Mr. Gao Libing, together work with ZD headquarters college,has made outstanding contributions to the SDS (Speech dialog System) automation test project that we are cooperating with Audi.
SDS (Speech dialog System) automated test project, as an important information testing system project, using ZDBox as the center, through the external sound card driven TestBench, to achieve a fully closed loop testing process. This project achieved the Spec documents into testcase, voice admission, voice playback, testcase implementation and report automatic generation. Fully closed loop testing process can completely shield the outside world when the SDS test interference. The included tool Testcase Reviewtool makes it easy to edit the testcase and generate a new testcase.
This automated system put into effect successfully extended test coverage, improved test efficiency, shortened test cycles, and greatly reduced test costs for customers.

 Munich Oktoberfest


The Munich Oktoberfest is the biggest public festival in the world,Each year, the Oktoberfest is attended by around 6 million visitors, who drink 
around 5 million liters of beer and consume over 200,000 pairs of pork sausages, mostly in the "beer tents" put up by the traditional Munich 
breweries put up by the traditional Munich breweries.
In this special day, the headquarters of ZD which located in Ingolstadt organized some employees and their families, and invited partners for many years together went to the 184th Oktoberfest sharing happy time on 2nd of October.

 The 2016 ZD Annual Meeting report


How time flies,busy 2016 has ben in the past,2017 is coming to us full of expextation. New year,new target and hope.
On a clear winter day,we,ZD automotive,had the theme of 2016 annual christmas named "JOINT EFFORTS,CREATE THE FUTURE".
This year's annual meeting chose in the electric car restaurant.In the relaxed atmosphere of bar.People felt totally different with last year's annual meeting.
Then Mr.ZHOU read the "Ten best employee recognition decision of ZD 2016",he called all staff to learn from them in the aspect of responsibility especially giving up the interests of the team spirits. Mr.ZHOU presented the trophy to excellent staff to encourage them to play a model leading role in new year.In order to make new contributions.
In the meeting,every department showed varrous performance,dancing,sining,recitation games and other programs.The meeting not brings the laughter,but also let co-workers more close to each other.The family interaction between the company leadership and the staf made the meeting more interesting.The whole party presents the joy of the family harmony.
Brilliant 2016 had past,in the past year,we smiled,we met hard things,also we harvested.In the hopeful and challenging 2017,let's write a more brilliant future with confidence and courage together!

The 2015 ZD Annual Meeting closed successfully


The Annual Meeting of ZD automotive has been launched at Crown Plaza Beijing Lido, on the 15th of December in 2015.
The CEO of ZD, Mr. Qiang Zhou gave the opening speech with his thanks and hope to all of the staff as well as strong confidence to face the incoming challenges.During the past year, the business performance of ZD has been growing and expanding a lot with increasing number of employees. We admit that all the achievements are related to the great efforts of all members and we deeply appreciate that. We also believe that together we will make better performances.
The Annual Meeting provides all staff a wide platform to show their talents and potential. The overall performance includes singing songs, group dance and a series of interactive activities,which enhances the organizational culture elements--connectivity, cohesion and amity.
During the joyful performance , CEO Mr. Qiang Zhou offered the Employee of the Year Award to Mr. Li Jun, who is the team leader of the Software Development. All of the staff gave warm applause to congratulate him.
The 2015 ZD Annual Meeting closed successfully at the very end with New Year best wishes. For ZD, 2015 is a fruitful year and it has already got prepared to welcome the challenges and opportunities of the incoming year. In 2016, ZD will keep learning and creating more values to its clients; meanwhile, we believe that with competitive advantages and sensitive market awareness it will grow faster and further.

 ZD Exhibit Test Bench at 2015 Baidu World Conference


Baidu World Conference , which is held by the Baidu Inc and is the highest level annual industry event for the vast number of customers and partners. It was held in China world hotel in Beijing on Sep 8th.
ZD showed one self designed & produced high-line test bench--HI-G1 on conference.This bench is specially designed to develop and test Audi's in-vehicle infotainment system.With this bench,it perfectly illustrated how CarLife works on Audi's in-vehicle system so as to show the latest cross-platform car networking solutions for visitors.

 Qiang Zhou--CEO of ZD Got Interviewed by German Newspaper


Along with China's economic takeoff, China has become the largest automobile consumption market in the world. Accordingly, the German cars will increasingly depend on the Chinese market . Against this background, Germany newspaper group “Blickpunkt” carried out an interview with the CEO of ZD automotive, Mr. Qiang Zhou, named as “From China to Germany: Key to Success”. During the interview, Mr. Zhou revealed the story of how he sucessfully transfored from an overseas student to a transnational entrepreneur by utilizing the local venture fund and years of technology accumulation.
Currently, the major business of ZD automotive includes five parts: development and test of central Info-tainment system,advanced driving assistance system(ADAS), professional project management, development of related apps and product manufacturing. Based on solid techniques and high-standard services, ZD has been maintaining good relationships with the major automobile groups including VW, Audi, Porsche and Bentley. Mr. Zhou pursuits the philosophy of getting the business refined both internally and externally. With his sensitive insights into the need of Chinese market and the support of an excellent team of international experts, ZD will enter a brand - new development phase. Meanwhile, ZD is also trying to create a more comfortable and harmonious working environment for their employees,thus offering better support and service to their clients.