ZD-Datalogger is a customized solution for the Infotainment system record data which designed by ZD automotive, with flexible and extensibility. Our data recorder supports multiple bus interface, tracks remote real-time test data, meets multiple complex customer demands. It can be used in the laboratory and also be used for vehicle test. We can provide personalized configuration for data recorders and analysis various tracking data through software we provided, which makes your test work easier, test report output more convenient.

ZD Datalogger 2

ZD Datalogger 2 - ZD's next-generation data logger - is a flexible and powerful product that can be used in test benches or in vehicle tests. Various bus data can be recorded via an individualized configuration program and real-time data processing is possible. It provides reliable support for all bus data analysis and recording in the development, integration and testing phases. Due to automatic activation / hibernation and the low power consumption, the in-vehicle system is not drained additionally. With its compact size and robustness, the ZD Datalogger 2 can easily be integrated into any vehicle.